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Fan Hui and European players. Who can stop him?

Fredrik Blomback 5 dan EGF played against Fan Hui 2p in the first round of The Paris Go Tournament. Fredrik is a well known player on KGS (Fredrik 7d KGS), we have seen him defeating Du Yufeng 3p in an even game, so it was reasonable to assume that Fredrik would at least put up a fight. But the game ended on the 67 move! Fan Hui sealed white's group on the side leaving no room to live thus forcing Fredrik to resign. Some observers watching live broadcast on KGS didn't even believe that the game was already over at this stage.

It is apparently that Fredrik misread but he is not the first to lose to Fan Hui. We covered The Ing Memorial 2009 where Fan Hui gradually beat all top European players. It seems that Fan Hui is too strong for European players nevertheless according to Mr. Lee Kibong, 7-dan European players should be happy to have strong opponents as without the strong Asian players there would be no one to compete against. On the other hand a lot of strong players in Europe complain, that recently there are too many Asians, so the title is rarely depends on the games between Europeans - you have to beat some Asians as well, or get lucky pairing instead. I believe it's a matter of time to see if the current system of the European Championship is effective or not.



2009-04-12 05:04
We have Strong players comission in EGF for preparing new EGC system with Catalin Taranu as a director, but he is very passive, it seems.
Was the wrong candidate, it seems.
5k ( SE ) 2009-04-12 03:04
Oh, by AGC i meant AGM (Annual General Meeting - i believe).

An edit function would be nice :)
5k ( SE ) 2009-04-12 03:04
The thing you have to understand is that the people voting at the AGC needs to have clear directions on how to vote - they might be some poor innocent player getting tasked with attending the AGM at the last minute simply because he/she attends the EGC.

If you fail this no one will dare to vote for something different.
No one will get yelled at for taking the easy way out.

Also - weaker players might not want what you want. You need to make your case to persuade them.
5k ( SE ) 2009-04-12 03:04
Regarding the system for the European Championship:

I am starting to get annoyed with these comments on the current system from the stronger players; and I am not saying that they are wrong.

I am saying though that they should start working with their own countries to push the vote towards another system. Maybe even try to represent their country at the EGC AGM. As far as I hear they are the ones who will decide what will happen.

Changing this will take time, effort and awareness - not always (from what I hear) the way these AGMs are held.

I really know very little of this - but I can at least try to sketch out a plan:

1) Come up with a proposal
2) Gather others to join your cause
3) Do the legwork and assure that you will have a decent chance of winning a vote
4) Submit a proposal to the AGM
5) Start planing to attend the EGC
6) Attend
7) Attend the AGM

Note the points 5, 6 and 7. They are mostly there to emphasize that it will take time and preparation. This is nothing you can start working on one month in advance.

Even now I see very little discussion on this anywhere and the start of the AGM is coming closer..

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