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2009-04-20 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Big Eye versus Small Eye

Hutoshi 8d is a rather new player on KGS, he started playing in February and managed to keep 8d all this time. He has Japanese client so I suppose he might be an insei like rapyuta 8d. Cf 7d is a brand new player, he has played only 7 games so far but he seems to be a strong player.

This game attracted my attention because of the big capturing race which lasted for more than 60 moves. According to Go theory: when the two groups involved in the capturing race, the big eyed group counts all inside liberties. The small eyed group doesn't. If the count is equal, the one who has sente kills the other. In general, seki is not possible. This game is a good example that Go theory actually works!

Game Stats:

Hutoshi 8d: 41-32 56%

cf 7d: 7-0 100%.


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