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Servers | KGS | sky77 9d, he wants to be the best! Can kgs stars stop him?



2010-09-28 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  2 ratings

sky77 9d, he wants to be the best! Can kgs stars stop him?

Recently a new strong player appeared on KGS, sky77. He played 7 games and reached 9d? level winning all his games. In his info it's said: "I'm 7 dan amateur in korea I want to play go with most strong players". As long as I know 7 dan is the best amateur level in Korea and is awarded after winning national tournament. I remember another 7 dan player from Korea, Mr. Lee Ki Bong. He is famous among KGS players, we posted several games on Gosensations and also Alex posted interview with him in one of goama issues. He was active a year ago on KGS and was solid 8d, sometimes he even got to 9d level. 

One thing that bugs me in his info is that he came to KGS to play against "most strong players". Couldn't he find stronger players on korean Go servers such as Tygem or Oro where lots of pros play every day. In comparison with them KGS is much weaker server, so maybe he has ulterior reasons, we will see in near future.

Flashback 7d (aka Bum) is Jan Simara 5d Egf well known player on KGS. In his last games he showed good results defeating in even games crowis 9d (Hwang in-seong) and breakfast 3p. But his first game against sky77 (which was even) lasted only 70 moves! Second game was played on 2 stones handicap. It was more exciting than previous one, a lot of fighting in every part of the board. Sky77 showed great reading skills, it was almost blitz game only 30 sec for move. They used Canadian time 1 move in 30 sec, this is fist time I have come across using Canadian time as regular byo-yomi.

Well, anyways, sky77 9d? looks pretty strong, I'm looking forward to see him playing against strongest KGS players such as MilanMilan, Bigbadwolf and others...


5d ( CA ) 2010-10-24 03:10
His name (last-first) = Seo Yutae and he is currently in Canada for a bit.
2010-10-21 03:10
2 Stefany
sky77 plays as 9d on kgs, how can this be sandbagging?? If it's highest possible rank on Kgs...
He wrote that he's 7d in korea, if you are not aware that in Europe and Asia 7d is highest rank for amateur player, only in USA there is also 8 dan.
10k ( BG ) 2010-10-19 09:10
He is a sandbagger.

Even if he is not, he is far stronger than 7d and is on KGS only to tease the strong players there.
2010-09-30 04:09
sky77 is the guy who came in second in the last world student oza tournament, maybe he is just practicing his english skills ^^
1 kyu 2010-09-29 05:09
I'd love to play on Tygem but it looks too difficult. I once tried to get into Tygem, it took me half of the day, to translate all the Chinese stuff and finally play a game. Everything was in Chinese I could hardly understand what was going on plus my Windows had some problems with Chinese characters. Oro at least made an english client to encourage foreign players to play there.
I was just wondering why would strong korean player choose to play on KGS instead of Tygem or Oro.
6d ( US ) 2010-09-29 03:09
Tygem is only a better server for players 7dan above I played there for 1 week and made 7d but lost to most the 7dans but the 6dans seemed really weaker weaker then the kgs ones atleast but stronger 7dans there then 7dans on kgs i think its only good for players above 7d and then kgs better for 6d on down depends what you want i guess

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