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Yoon Young-Sun 8p: "I like to fight. It is more fun and interesting"

Born November 22, 1977. Became 1 dan in 1992 and 2 dan in 1997. Won the Women's Koksu title four times (1994-96 and 1998) and the Haojue female world championship in 2002. She was promoted to 5p in 2006.

She is the author of three books which have been translated to English: Think like a pro - Pae , Think like a pro - Haengma and 100 Tips for Amateur Players I. In September 2007 she married the amateur 2 dan German player Rasmus Buchmann and is now resident in Hamburg, Germany. The game in Hikaru no Go 75-76 between Shindo and the korean Hon Suyon was actually taken from a game Yoon Young-Sun (W) - Yi Cheong-Weon, played February 3rd 1995. She has visted Leksand three times before, as a guest pro for the Leksand Open tournament.

 Young Sun occasionally gives lectures for KGS plus members (her id on KGS is ysyoon 8p).

In one of her simultaneous games on wbaduk she played against ichimaru 7d on 2 handi. Her style is very aggressive: "I like to fight. It is more fun and interesting" - Young Sun said in one of her interviews. This game is a good example of it. The fight starts from the first joseki and continues until black is forced to resign losing his big group. 

Here you can read an article on wbaduk about her life in Germany (the article) and her interview which was published on World Go News.




2d ( LT ) 2010-10-22 10:10
Nice moves order at bottom left corner.
2010-10-21 08:10
Sensei :)

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