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2010-11-07 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Art of sacrifice

Here is a recent game between Iliya Shikshin and Curtis Tang AGA 7d. Curtis, 17 years old chinese player, is well known in USA. 

The game was clearly to black advantage, black managed to capture 2 white groups only after 90 moves. Black got huge territory in comparison white got thickness. Was it a good trade? Or better say White sacrificed a lot of his stones to get thickness. Most of kibitzers were skeptical about white's chances in the game:


Javaness [2d]: white looks wasted

Onmyoji [-]: now he is desperate

tianren122 [3d?]: w fails...

Inglorious [1d]: ive never seen roln getting so dominated after 75 moves

FreeDoom [1d]: w can simply resign, no?


And only one player wasn't so assure about the result:

cheater [7d]: W is winning dudes (I hope he was not sarcastic)


Later white used his thickness to attack black's group. Iliya is really powerful at attacking, it's worth learning how to use thickness!

In my opinion game decisive move was Black 145. Black played keima, I believe it was an overplay as white managed to cut it and start fight. I think simple jump would be enough for black. 

In the end Iliya managed to kill big black dragon which looked very alive, even Danigabi was surprised:

danigabi [5d]: im really surprised this died


That's why it's always fun to watch Roln's games; you never know what may happen in the game, that's why you watch until the very end.



3k 2010-11-11 07:11
And it's worth noting that white didn't have to kill black to win. Very interesting. Thanks.
2010-11-09 12:11
Nice article! =D
2010-11-08 07:11
Awesome stratagy!
2010-11-08 04:11
A great game and a great article too! =)
Thanks alot!

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