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2011-04-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.5)  2 ratings

WBaduk ranking #1 - is he top pro or not?

On Tygem we know lot of real names of top players: Lee Changho, Choi Cheolhan, Park Yeunhun, Weon Songchin and many others.
On WBaduk there are lot of star players too, but it's more difficult to find detail information.
For example, here is the game played by WBaduk #1 (on ranking points) Mars1
He is from Japan and he has 230W-32L score

What do you think about his real strenth? I am pretty sure that he is professional. But it's difficult for me to decide is he top pro or just someone from the middle.

Mars1 impressively crushed his 7-dan (the highest WBaduk rank) opponent


2011-04-28 07:04
Just to prove the level of top players. We had some articles on GoSensations about lwd89 - Lee Wondo, young Korean pro
He also plays on Cyberoro and his score is rather bad - not higher than 65%. Hard to compare with 90% winning score of MilanMilan on KGS

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