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2011-06-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  2 ratings

An interview with Remi Coulom, creator of Crazy Stone

Here is the interview with Remi Coulom, which I promised to publish long time ago. Sorry for delay

I decided to add the recent game of Crazy Stone on KGS. 

Na107 - Nail Sahabutdinov (on photo - watching the game), Russian 5-dan, one of the strongest Russian Go players in the middle of 80's. He is the elder brother of Rustam Sahabutdinov (Am on KGS)

It's impressive how Crazy Stone killed almost everything on the board against such a good player


2011-06-28 07:06
Biggest mistake: White 54 must be iken tobi at D18. Aji in the real game after kosumi was very bad and Black's invasion at san-san was really painful!

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