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2011-08-21 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.8)  5 ratings

Atari, missed by the European champion-2011

The final of this game reminds me the famous self-atari, made by Nakano, 9-dan pro in his game with Ishida Yoshio: 
Nakano was ahead, but it Ilya Shikshin was not. There is no way for B to win the capturing race after White 208.

Aries47 is still undefeated on KGS. What do you think about his real level?
It seems that he is stronger than our European stars. But I can see some mistakes in his games and I don't think that he is a top pro


2011-08-21 11:08
First fight failed. W has big lead after he lived with white 126

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