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2009-08-17 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  1 ratings

Park Chunsang, 9p - one of the best masters on Tygem!

Park Chunsang, 9p is currently Korean number 4 or 5. He was the winner of the Fujitsu cup in 2006.
Here is his recent game with zuanwlw (Dong Yan, 7p)

The game was equal, or even slightly favorable for White, but he was not careful on the lower side.
White's R3+S2 combination was bad and as a result he allowed his opponent to create a big moyo. White tried to live
inside, but without success.

UJO (second name is 무료꿇어요 ) - Park Chunsang, 9p
Last 20 games: 16-4
Ranking points: 39043
197 wins - 55 losses as 9d, 240 wins - 55 losses, overall
I guess, he is in best 10 on Tygem


2009-08-17 06:08
If you are curious, the sentence on his fan is "I will work hard on improving my Go till the end of my life!"

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