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2009-11-25 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.1)  9 ratings

PETERPANDA is ... Now we know her real name!

MilanMilan and PETERPANDA played 2 games today. The score is 1-1.
Here is the second game.
Black was behind after fuseki, but a brave overplay Black 103 changed the situation. I guess, that White made some mistakes in attacking the invader.

Maybe you are curious about the real name of PETERPANDA.
Here is the info from her profile:
i'm a Korean female baduk professional
i became professional at 2005. i have ever been to best 8 of female tournament.

Only 2 girls become pros every year in Korea, so it's easy to find her.
Obviousely she is Cho Mikyung,  1p

Here is the best tournament she played:

We have more and more pro teachers on KGS and it's good that they play each other sometimes!


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