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2009-12-04 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

Go vs chess - which game is more boring?

Yesterday I read the interview with chess grandmaster Tkachev. He said that

it's a good idea to reduce time control in main chess tournaments and play all big

titles as blitz, so it will be possible to show such tournaments on TV.

He also proposed to accept dress-code for female chess players and

allow them to play only if they wear mini-skirt :)


Go is not a boring game, compared to chess. If you want to enjoy this game -

you have to find the right players to observe.

Sometimes you can watch a really nice action, which can be compared to Hollywoodmovies :)


This game is a good example!

I am sure, you will enjoy it!


White was "only" 25 points behind, but he missed the ko at the end, made big furikawari and lost by 66.5! Such a big difference is very rare in games played by high dans!


9p ( JP ) 2010-09-29 02:09
Go is the way to go.
Robert M Gogo
2009-12-16 06:12
Yes, the games get shorter and shorter. The blitz games and long games are different. They emphasize different skills. Both kinds should exist. In a short run, it might be beneficial commercially to shorten the time. But it is dubious as a long-term strategy. Yes, it provides money for blitz Go. But IMHO blitz Go cannot properly develop on its own.

There are other ways to make "long Go" more interesting to watch as danigabi and Imperator mentioned. Also they could show more games played at the same time alternatively depending on activity.
2009-12-09 09:12

Well, they often make the Go matches more interesting to watch by giving live commentary between the moves, showing variations, talking trivia etc. I myself find it quite interesting to watch (subtitled). It is not like there isn't other sporting events that go on for ages...

Each to his own I guess.
6d ( AR ) 2009-12-09 02:12
The blitz suggestion is something really without sense. To show on tv fast you dont need to play blitz games, you need just good editing.

I have seen full go games on tv in korea, and they last somtimes about 2 hours. Thats idiotic, it is highly unlikely that you can watch 2 hours in a row without getting bored, specially considering all the waiting. If they edited the time in the middle they could show a great game at a greater pace and thats it..

But instead of just video editing, they created battoo -.-.

Einstein said that there are 2 infinite things, the universe and human stupidity. And he wasnt sure about the universe.
Anonymous Cow
2009-12-07 04:12
Bucho, I reserve the right to say I hate playing Chess because I reserve the right for you to say you hate Go. Not because I'm afraid of Chess, I just don't enjoy it.
2009-12-06 05:12
I played a lot of chess before I discovered Go. And I think chess players are going about it all the wrong way trying to make chess mainstream in this way.

It is not the right way to make it more interesting to the general public. And yes, I understand why they would want to show it more on television. But I just don't think it is the right direction for chess.

Maybe they should look to asian go programs on how to make chess more interesting to show on tv.

I remember there was this big Kasparov match Eurosport wanted to show. I think it went to remi or something. Long time ago though... But I believe it had some impact. Made it problematic to promote chess in mainstream circuits.

Ohwell... I prefer Go, but that is a personal choice. People can play whatever they want, I do not feel threatened by it.

But again, back to chess. If they want to make chess more interesting they should inform people what is interesting about it. The game in itself should appeal. Not some kind of mask. Putting a lot of fluff around it, or only playing blitz, taking away what is interesting or camouflaging the game is just silly.

But why should it be so mainstream anyway? There should be things that have niche appeal. Watering out everything so that everybody and their dog should love it just degrades life.
2009-12-05 07:12
I play chess too and I think that both games are boring, if you don't understand anything on the board. And it's much more fun to watch ice hockey, for example, even if you don't know all rules
5k ( CZ ) 2009-12-05 05:12
Only people that do not play well chess can tell:"Chess is boring game." I play both games (go more often) and like them but I do not understand never ending need of some go-players to run down chess. It look like some sort of inferiority complex to me.
2009-12-04 07:12
better yet - make the men wear mini-skirts, creates a scenario even more interesting.

see how it affects their concentration :)
2009-12-04 03:12
More news about Tkachiev:

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