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Servers | KGS | An interview with Kwon Haekwang (aggressive, 8d on KGS)


2009-12-11 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.8)  5 ratings

An interview with Kwon Haekwang (aggressive, 8d on KGS)

Source: Goama magazine

Kwon Haekwang (aggressive) is not the best player on KGS, but he has good results against our stars – he can beat almost everyone of this server (sometimes, at least)

Q. How do you think, who are the best 3 players on KGS? (players, who
play rated games here)

A: himountain, MilanMilan, Erinys

Q. What do you think about KGS ranking system?

A:  It has some strong and weak points. The strong point is that new players can get the proper rank easily by winning just a single game against someone near their level. The weak point is that your grade can go down, if you don’t play on KGS for a long time

Q. Do you play on Korean servers? If so, do you like them more or less than KGS?

A. Yes, I use Tygem often. I like it more than KGS, because it has lot of additional features. For example, on Tygem they have byoyomi reading by voice (20 sec left, 10 sec left, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and on KGS I feel myself uncomfortable on byoyomi

Q. I heard that you were the member of the Korean insei league. What
were the highest class you reached?

A: Yes, my best group was 8th class insei

Q. Do you still study hard for becoming professional? What do you
think about your chances?

A: I gave up. In Korea there are too many strong players and it’s too hard to become 1p. I just enjoy Go as hobby

Q. Do you plan to come to US or European countries, like Hwang Inseong
or Cho Seokbin and teach Go here?

A: Yes, it’s a very good idea. I like it. I will try it, if I have a chance

Q. What do you recommend for middle/low kyu players who want to make
it to the Dan level?

A. You have to play a lot and study L&D a lot.  Without good reading you cannot become a good player

Q. Do you play starcraft or other computer games?

A: Yes, I enjoy starcraft and FIFA soccer.


2009-12-17 03:12
Is "how do you think?" correct? I always start it with "what".
2009-12-12 07:12
30% of them can also play Go :)
1d ( VN ) 2009-12-12 01:12
Reminds me that every men in Korea play SC :)

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