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2009-12-17 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (2.4)  10 ratings

List of recently commented KGS games on Go4Go

If you are not yet a member of Go4Go ... But you like to observe and review the games played by KGS stars.
Please think about joining us: Go4Go
You can get 8-10 commented games every week (including KGS games and professional games) for only $70 per year.
There is also a 6-months plan for $35.
Here is the list of recently commented KGS games:
    2009-12-07      ecstatic 8d   vs   stormy 8d      B+R              
    2009-12-09     artem92 7d  vs   PETERPANDA 8d     W+R            
    2009-12-10     zq881127 9d   vs  MilanMilan 9d     B+R            
    2009-12-06     roln111 8d  vs   MilanMilan 9d     W+7.5            
    2009-12-11     loverbirds 8d  vs   MilanMilan 9d     W+R            
    2009-11-23     simple2009 9d  vs   MilanMilan 9d     B+R            
    2009-11-25     PETERPANDA 8d   vs  MilanMilan 9d     W+13.5            
    2009-11-19     miaaffa 9d  vs   MilanMilan 9d     W+R            
    2009-11-14     sum 5d    vs   roln111 8d     B+1      
    2009-11-16     himountain 9d   vs  saichina 9d     W+10.5       
    2009-11-16     Hutoshi4 8d   vs  MilanMilan 9d     B+4.5


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