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Servers | KGS | "eku" - new 9-dan on KGS!

2010-01-11 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.3)  8 ratings

"eku" - new 9-dan on KGS!

New Japanese user "eku" is undefeated and he just reached 9d? rank after winning this game, which was rather strange.
White had big advantage after killing the corner in fuseki, but later he was not careful and allowed Black to start sharp attacks.
I mentioned White's bad moves 68 and 90.
I think that Elona is stronger and I also think that eku cannot stay on 9-dan level on KGS. His level must be between 7d and 8d.


( PT ) 2010-11-01 03:11
Eku is currently one of the strongest player on KGS, solid 9d and he beat grubbyfork 9d, LemonLemon 9d, AncientGo 9d, MilanMilan 9d and even smartrobot 9d more than once. He is clearly pro level.

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