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Servers | KGS | Korean Insei Entrance League (for 11-kyu and weaker players)

2010-01-22 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Korean Insei Entrance League (for 11-kyu and weaker players)

Insei Entrance League

In Korea they call it “enguseng sanbalchon” – it’s the special preliminary tournament (open for everyone) for getting the right of becoming insei and entering the weakest class of the Insei League.

We will need the similar system for our , because we will have 2
empty spots in E group every month and it’s necessary to decide who will occupy them.
If you are 10-kyu or stronger, you can register directly and wait till we have empty places in stronger groups (if someone decides to stop), but if you are 11-kyu or weaker, the only way for you to enter the Korean-style Insei League on KGS is to start from the Insei Entrance League.

Everything will be similar to the current Insei League:
* Duration: 1 month – we will try to start from February,1, 2010
* 10-15 students per group (we will probably have one group only)
* 2 sparring partners (we call them teachers) - Alexander Dinerchtein (breakfast on KGS) and Ilya Shikshin (roln111 on KGS) – they will play simultaneous games
* Maximum 4 games with the same person, also max. 4 games with each teacher
* Free schedule for insei vs insei games, and pre-registration for teaching games
* Handicap: 9 stones for teaching games, no handicap for insei vs insei games (nigiri, 6.5 komi)
Time control:
30 min + 30 sec byoyomi- 5 times for insei vs insei games
30 min + 60 sec byoyomi -5 times for for simultaneous

We will not have any cash prizes and no game reviews by e-mail: it’s the main difference
with the Insei League, so the entry fee is much smaller
Best 2 members (by the highest winning %) at the end of the month will promote to E class of the Insei League. To earn the promotion you have to play at least 15 games per month with at least 5 different opponents

You can attend audio lectures for stronger players (16 lectures in total by Korean professionals: An Younggil, Lee Hajin, Cho Mikyung, A.Dinerchtein) and we will add
at least 4 extra lectures for weaker players. 2 lectures on theory and 2 lectures in game reviews format – maybe more.

Entry fee: $65 per month

For registration.
E-mail us ( these details:

4.Rank (you must be 11-kyu or weaker!)
5.Goal in Go (of course, your first goal must be entering the Insei League – group E)
6.Preferred method of payment (Paypal, Moneybookers,Webmoney, WesternUnion etc)


2010-01-27 09:01
I was getting requests from 13-14 kyu players and till now it was necessary to say "Sorry, you cannot take part". So, I decided to give them a chance
2010-01-25 06:01
Who in their right mind who is lower then 11 kyu would pay $65 per month to get stronger?

At 11 kyu and lower one really does not need something like this to get strong quickly.

I am sorry if I come of as very negative when it comes to this league, but I do hope it the best.

This is probably why I am so critical about it. Double digit kyu players generally don't get stuck, and quite quickly move up the ranks without that much help if they just spend some time with Go. Playing games and doing tsumegos. One should rise a rank or two each month without any problems.

Paying this kind of money and not having any cash price or email reviews, it is ludicrous.

Double digit kyu players should have no problems finding stronger players to play against on kgs and if they want to spend $65 on audio lectures a month I can easily point to a different source that gives much more money for value.

KILL seems to be a league geared towards the high dan players. And that is fine. But if you want to include lower ranked players. Then just think of them as a bonus. Make different categories based on ranks and have different paying schemes in each of them, and make the price relevant.

Nurturing a good community around this league could help a lot of players get up in ranks. But deciding if this should be all inclusive or exclusive should be on the agenda. If you want to include a lot of people, then go for it, don't rip people of.

Oh well, you can do what you want with the league, and you don't really need to justify anything regarding how you choose to do things. But personally I hope people educate themselves before spending their money.

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