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Servers | KGS | Tartrate returns! He has new account now (almost undefeated)!

2010-01-24 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.9)  7 ratings

Tartrate returns! He has new account now (almost undefeated)!

According to my source on KGS, Kim Myungwan 8p is tartrate=MyungWan=mysterious.
Now tartrate account is not active, but we can see "mysterious", 9d crushing KGS stars such as bin7674 or bigbadwolf.
Do you remember the first game lost by tartrate? Lot of years ago. He lost on time in hopeless position and said that he had big lag or something.
Mysterious lost 2 games so far - both on time. And in one of his games he said:

mysterious [8d]: a call influence me ^^
mysterious [8d]: and lag :(
mysterious [8d]: i was having a call while playing

Tartrate did almost the same, when he was losing.

Here is the game won by mysterious - pay attention to fun episode in the middle with top 9d missing simple geta.


2d ( KR ) 2010-02-01 11:02
he's not tartrate.. i know the real one.. tartrate is on kgs now but not mysterious..
2010-01-25 08:01
Tartrate was called "mysterious"
6 years ago by his fan...

Mysterious Tartrate Conquers All At Go
Posted by simoniker on Tue Jan 06, 2004 08:11 AM
from the who-is-that-masked-man? dept.
Rubyflame writes
"As noted on the Sensei's Library resource for the ancient Chinese boardgame Go, Tartrate, a very strong and mysterious Go player, has recently returned to the Kiseido Go Server (KGS) after a long absence. The game records can be found here. Tartrate first appeared in March, and has yet to be defeated - his identity is unknown."
This intriguing story is a little reminiscent of Bobby Fischer's online chess appearances - the Go players on KGS even log their Tartrate number:
"tartrate has a tartrate number of 0. If you have played a game with tartrate, your tartrate number is 1. If you have played a game
2D KGS ( PL ) 2010-01-25 11:01
We can hope that he'll create a new legend on KGS for us :)
2010-01-25 01:01
OMG, he made a "^^" ergo he's korean ergo he's tartrate.

2010-01-25 12:01
"^^" is used everywhere here in Norway. Last time I checked Norway is in Asia, or Korea for that matter.

There are quite a lot of Japanophiles that play Go you know. ;)
2010-01-24 11:01
"^^" is popular all around the world, and especially in Asian countries.
2010-01-24 10:01
Also pay attention to "^^" - typical Korean smile, which is not popular in other countries except S.Korea

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