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Servers | KGS | Fujitsu: Csaba Mero,7d (Hungary) beat Catalin Taranu,5p! The final game will be played on Jan,30

2010-01-29 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Fujitsu: Csaba Mero,7d (Hungary) beat Catalin Taranu,5p! The final game will be played on Jan,30

The first time in history we have an important European tournament, played on Go server. The winner of the final game will go to Japan for Fujitsu cup in April,2010 (all included: ticket, 5* hotel, $2000 fee for the first round and $150000 as the first prize to fight for)
The final game between me and Csaba Mero will be played on KGS this Saturday, 16:00 Moscow time (GMT+3).
Spectators are welcome!
About the semifinal game: it was very exciting. Lot of running groups. I afraid, I cannot show such an exciting play in the final :(
Catalin decided to make it complicated by attaching at E3. It was much easier to play the sagari at C2 and get the corner solidly.


Adrian Ghioc
5d ( RO ) 2010-02-09 07:02
Funny comments. The players don't pay the fee of $2000. They get the money if they play in the first round ;-)
Adrian Ghioc
5d ( RO ) 2010-02-09 07:02
Hey, guys, the fee of $2000 is not paid by the players; the players get the money for playing in the first round ;-)
1k 2010-02-04 09:02
Fujitsu Cup is awsome - best players are assembled there.. even if one had to pay 2000 it would be an honour. anyway i think the winner of the european preliminary does NOT need to pay (which is kind of the price you get if you win preliminaries) who is going for south and north america this year? again Li Jie and Fernando Aguilar? or is it still to be decided?
5k 2010-01-30 08:01
The Players must pay to take part on the Fujitsu cup?

Its like Roger Federer have to pay if he lose in the first round at Wimbledon :)

2010-01-30 07:01
I think noth1ng is right -- the winner of the game doesn't have to pay $2000.

He doesn't *get* $2000, like ethanb thinks.
2d ( US ) 2010-01-30 10:01
I think it's a "game fee" - as in, the amount paid to the players for their games in the main tournament.
1 kyu 2010-01-30 02:01
As I understood from the post fee is included that means that the winner of the game shouldn't pay for it.
2010-01-30 02:01
fee of $2000?!

you'd have to be really confident to pay that much money just to go there...

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