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Servers | KGS | jq - new KGS 9-dan with 100% score!

2010-02-17 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

jq - new KGS 9-dan with 100% score!

"jq", 9-dan is new on KGS and it's his first account, it seems. On Feb,12 he started to play on KGS by crushing 3-kyu in even game. Later he even took 2 stones handicap against 1d (must be hard for 1d to beat 9d, by giving him 2 handi).
So, "jq's" rating was increasing slowly and reached 9d only after 7 games.
Here is the last game in his list.

About the game: White's fuseki was bad and he made it even worse by invading at 48. Such move cannot be good, if White has no desire to run away and fight

Black's level looks pretty high. At least, I think, he is professional. Top professional probably?


2010-02-17 08:02
But according to aza he is not pro ... Just very strong amateur.
Maybe aza is right

2010-02-17 07:02
He lost 2 games straight to aza,9d, but fighted well. I still think that jq is pro

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