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Servers | KGS | Russian girl stopped the winning streak of Ilya in Insei League!


2010-03-03 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

Russian girl stopped the winning streak of Ilya in Insei League!

Elvina Kalsberg (rus172 on KGS, on the left on photo) finally stopped the winning sreak of Ilya. It was his 200 game.
So, the current record is 199-0 - Ilya was undefeated for 2 months straight (in B-E groups).

Black won this game by 0.5 point! After ignoring false ko threat in yose and creating nice seki on the top!
We can mention that the simultaneous was hard for Ilya - he played on 6 boards at the same time!

By the way, Elvina is the current Russian female champion and 4d EGF. It's hard to control her on 2 stones!
She has good chances to enter the A group in April


2010-03-10 03:03
it would be a good idea to make the KGS insei league room public.
The league will get much more popular that way, and the games played in the A league will draw the attention of many people.
You can still keep the audio lessons and reviews private.
the games are free to watch in the kgs insei league web site anyway.
7k ( BR ) 2010-03-07 05:03
Nice game ^^
Huh? O_o
2010-03-04 08:03
??? ?????? ?????, ???? ?? ?????? ? ?????? ????????? xD
2010-03-04 07:03
By the way, the last game in simultaneous in March is reviewed online. So, you can see some notes inside

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