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2010-03-13 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.8)  4 ratings

Even dan players must learn Go rules!

Do you know why Robert Jasiek (sum on KGS) likes New Zealand rules? I know the reason!
Most of his opponents play passes instead of filling dame points at the end of the game. You can see good example here.
White won this game by 1 point, because he got more dame points.

William Shubert, if you read this post, please think about adding a special message-reminder at the end of the game, so nobody will pass, if they use NZ or Chinese rules!


Deacon John
7k ( US ) 2017-01-18 04:01
The AGA rules allow for the players to declare the game to be over by mutual agreement that only dame are left. However, if one player passes and the other player fills in the dame, the player who passed loses one point.

All things considered, it seems best to me for both players to just go ahead and fill in the dame. Assuming both players know where they are, this shouldn't take any time at all. If two players decide to end their game before all dame are filled, that kind-of implies that they know where all the dame are anyway. If one player passes while there are still dame, and the other player fills it, well, that's just part of the game. In all games, it pays to know the rules.
Deacon John
7k ( US ) 2017-01-18 04:01
Sorry. I thought the "troll eliminator question" was a real question.
Deacon John
7k ( US ) 2017-01-18 04:01
Robert Jasiek
5d ( DE ) 2013-08-29 02:08
I like New Zealand Rules because they are simple and correct. I like AGA Rules less because they are less simple. I like KGS-AGA-Rules less also because it is not a proper implementation of AGA Rules. I like Chinese Rules less because they contain ambiguous ko rules. I like KGS-Chinese Rules less also because it is not a proper implementation of Chinese Rules.

I like area scoring rules because they are, or could easily be made, simple and correct.

As soon as the players have agreed to play under a specific ruleset or to abide by the tournament rules prescribing a particular ruleset of rules of play, it is each player's task to choose good tactics and strategy under the used rules and their scoring method. A player's mistake (such as not filling "two-sided dame") is his tactical / strategic mistake. The fact that it is his mistake also means that it is not the opponent's mistake. The opponent might make the same mistake during his plays. I prefer to play tactically / strategically correctly whereever possible; therefore, it is rare that I make such an easy mistake.

Peter Cook, everybody must know area scoring. It is well know that New Zealand Rules use area scoring. The very few players, for whom this fact is unfamiliar, either ask at the beginning of the game, refuse to play or don't care for their late endgame mistakes. This has nothing to do with the EGF Rules Commission, in particular because playing a game is not an activity of the commission. Instead of making the sarcastic remark "Very honourable.", you could ask yourself why you want to blame an opponent for a player's tactical / strategic mistakes.
1d ( FI ) 2010-04-05 12:04
It is not polite to pass if there is still damepoints left. So if someone looses points because of rules, she deserved it! There is also problems with tournaments, because in tournaments dames must be filled and thus people make ridiculous dame mistakes even in dan level, because some people are used to not fill dames. There are huge amounts of potential problems with dame fillings, so it is just better to fill them.

I also play always with NZ rules, because they allow suicide and more importantly there are not halfpoint komi available, but jigo is possible. It is always delight when difficult game ends up to be jigo.
2d 2010-03-22 06:03
Now you have to adjust the smilies. b seems to be happy about his loss...
4d ( IL ) 2010-03-14 10:03
I doubt that Robert uses these rules for this reason...
In his case, though I don't know him very well, I think it will be because he believes these are better rules.

Personally I almost always double-check the rule set before passing during the endgame - a lesson from past experiences of this sort.
It happened to me not long ago that I won by 1.5 in a game with such rules that the opponent has set and he missed a dame point in the end and he could've won by 0.5 :p

But if we're suggesting stuff to mr. Shubert, I'd like to ask for Fischer time system, I think it works great for Go.
2010-03-14 01:03
Are you on some crusade against Robert?

First the video and then this.
8k ( US ) 2010-03-14 12:03
@nagano, well i know ive been put into games with unfamiliar rulesets without my knowledge, such as AGA. when in that situation i just go to the KGS site and learn the difference of the rules, and i feel like the opponents should do the same
3k ( US ) 2010-03-13 10:03
Well personally I think, if you agree to a game, you should at least understand the fundamental features of the ruleset.
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