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2010-03-16 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  5 ratings

How to beat aggressive players?

Roseduke tried his typical super-aggressive strategy. He can destroy weaker players easily by playing like this.
But no hope for him against MilanMilan.
White was so careful!
White decided to miss 2 big yose hanes - C18 and C2 (both were 20+ points worth). Instead of taking these moves, he decided to defend weak groups.

It's a very good example of winning games against aggressive players. Main advice here: don't take ALL territory. The best way is to take BIGGER territory, defend all your groups and win by few points.

Lee Changho, 9p is very good at winning such games - he is very careful usually. MilanMilan played exactly in Lee Changho's style!


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