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Servers | IGS | Don't use your head - use databases instead. Even if you are 10d IGS! It's allowed now?!

2010-03-26 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.8)  5 ratings

Don't use your head - use databases instead. Even if you are 10d IGS! It's allowed now?!

Dear IGS administrator "tweet", if you read this article, please ban top IGS players snow5,10-dan and pero3, 9-dan.
They use databases while playing on IGS. Or is it allowed now?
You can check their previous game posted on GoSensations and compare it with Kitani vs Iwata game, played in 1958
First 94(!!!) moves are the same!
I am pretty sure, that it's not possible to repeat all these moves by luck. It's clear, that both players used databases!


2010-05-12 09:05
Almost all games in "Hikaru No Go" repeat some high level pro games. Should all the characters of this anime be disqualified? :))
2010-04-09 11:04

The responses in this topic weren't any more serious than denouncing someone publicly of playing dishonestly and demanding their ban.

But now we know that's all good, because people just try to be fun and entertain - everyone in their own way. ;-)
3k 2010-04-07 07:04
This sensation is just a funny story of two strong players doing something that's silly.

People on the internet: Y'all need to chill out ok?

[-] ( US ) 2010-04-06 10:04
1) What if these are two friends (or even two serious players) who have studied many pro games? I know that if somebody played the same moves as Shuwa did in a Shusaku vs Shuwa game, I would continue to play the Shusaku moves if I had studied the game. All it takes is two people have have studied the same game before to have this happen.

2) Who cares? It only works if your opponent is following the same game as you. One player will be forced to deviate, because one player actually lost the game in questions, so the game will change. It is not like I will be able to beat something because the first 31 moves had been played by a professional before, and if I can get the 31 moves in using a database, does that mean my opponent must be too? If my opponent got to move 30 in a database, but I am not using one, how can you tell the difference?

3) Breakfast makes articles to be fun and to entertain. He does not write them thinking they will be taken seriously. Every time he tries an article that is funny because of the ridiculous things said in it, people turn it into a personal attack against him. If you dislike him so much, why are you still here?
3k ( US ) 2010-04-05 07:04
The original post was amusing. The comments less so. It seems what is really needed is a way to discourage people from caring about their ratings/ranks. How about each month the scales change entirely, but relative rankings are maintained? Some months you could use an alphabetical scale -- would people care less if they were faced with the difference between rank L and rank M rather than 3D and 2D?
2010-04-01 06:04
Quote: "But people relax ... don`t try to "kill" breakfast because he was posting this sensation"

I think it is the accumulation of several such "sensations" that make people annoyed at Breakfast.
11 kyu ( DE ) 2010-03-31 06:03
I think it was not meant to be very serious when Breakfast wrote "Dear ... administrator ... please ban " ... i think it is really an interesting "Sensation" when BOTH players where using Databases ... that is kind of funny!

Nevertheless i am against using databases in online games and i never will use mine and never did!

But people relax ... don`t try to "kill" breakfast because he was posting this sensation.
Peter Dijkema
editor ( NL ) 2010-03-31 01:03
Posted a reference at and summarized the questions here at my post on the EuroGoTV page at where the discussion might continue with 400+ readers.
2010-03-31 11:03
Kayres, I'm not sure if I understand you right, but he did in fact use their nicknames. The real names you see there are the professionals that were supposedly copied from.

Personally, it's more of a curiosity than an outrage to me, that strong players would find a need to copy moves from other strong (if slightly stronger) players. If these are isolated incidents one might argue that they were doing this trick for the sake of experimenting rather than malice. Sadly, Mr. Dinerchsteins behaviour still does not suggest so.

btw, to whoever repeated my post: If you feel the need to do so, please post it under your own name and quote instead.
Robert M Gogo
2010-03-31 08:03
I agree with Imperator.
Is it possible that they just wanted to make fun of the kibitzers?
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