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2010-05-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.6)  5 ratings

Korean power!

Songdam (Korean pro?) had almost 90% winning score on Cyberkiwon!
His opponent badolwang(also pro?) was one of the top players too (with 70%
winning score).
I suggest you to replay this position till White 118,
after that try to find your plan as Black.
I am sure, you will be surprised!
In the real game Black's plan was so powerful!


4d 2010-05-31 01:05
I think the point is that black accurately read out that with the help of O19 white could be captured without a loophole.
6d ( US ) 2010-05-29 01:05
It wasn't suprising at all - I did not predict the actual move but I immediately thought of attacking the white group.

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