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Servers | KGS | Get strong at cheating: how to get 9-dan easily!

2010-05-31 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3)  2 ratings

Get strong at cheating: how to get 9-dan easily!

KGS 9-dan in few simple steps:

1. Create new account
2. Ask your friend to lose you several times on big handicap in Rated games

P.S. Redtiger on KGS is another person now, who registered few months ago. He is not a cheater.
The attached game is from 2003. It was the last game, played by fake 9d Redtiger - admins banned him quickly.

I don't advice you to repeat this trick, but it really works!


2d ( FR ) 2010-06-01 03:06
i'm the true ha, haha :)
the previous one was a fake !

be 'ha' in few simple steps :
1. learn basic atari rule
2. go to go sensations
3. post with ha name :P

2010-05-31 11:05
I noticed people generally don't make a big fuss about someone having no rank, if you step forward and talk to them friendly and honestly first.

Insisting on being the mysterious stranger does you no credit.

In other words, that was a lame excuse.
1d ( TC ) 2010-05-31 09:05
This is OLD NEWS! I have been doing this for years when people refused to play a [?]. And I know some people who do it too. And you don't even need a friend to do that.

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