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Servers | KGS | Artem92 vs smartrobot, 700 observers


2010-08-19 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.3)  6 ratings

Artem92 vs smartrobot, 700 observers

It seems that Artem missed the tesuji W 56. After this combination the position became hopeless for Black, but Artem fight well till the end - he tried all kind of overplays to change the situation.

I asked Artem about the real name of his opponent. Here is the answer: " I know his name and rank, but I don't think that smartrobot wants to announce them, so I will keep details in secret"


2010-08-25 03:08
Who the heck is finnish9d? And there's no account called Isai on KGS either.
2010-08-19 06:08
We have one tournament game of Jin Jing in Go4Go collection:

But it's very hard to find other games of Chinese pros from KGS.
If you have some tournament game records of tartaric/MilanMilan or ISai, please email me - I will be happy to publish them
2010-08-19 06:08
Thx for the hint!
So, according to this source, finnish9d =smartrobot=Jin Jing, 2p
And it's new to me that Isai is Hu Shuai, 3p
I am glad to see that Artem has some chances against real Chinese 2-dan pro - they played several games and all of them were not one-sided.
2010-08-19 06:08
smartrobot apparently is Jin Jing 2p.

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