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2010-08-19 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  4 ratings

Insei League on KGS (September,2010): Rules changes in A group

New system of the Insei League, A group


5 strongest inseis are in the supergroup, 10 inseis are in A group


Supergroup vs A group =maximum 1 game per month,

Supergroup vs supergroup = maximum 4 games per month

A group vs A group = maximum 4 games per month


Prizes for the supergroup (USD): 150, 100, 50

Prizes for A group: 100, 50

Best one from A group will promote to the supergroup. Lowest one in the supergroup

will go down to A group next month.


Teachers can get prizes too.

Teacher has no right to refuse to play with any insei, but he may prefer to play some

games as one by one games, instead of simultaneous.



Supergroup vs teachers = even games with 6.5 komi

A group vs teachers = 0.5 komi


 Both in the supergroup and A group we will not count games, lost to teachers (same rule as in B-E groups). Also we will not count games lost by A group members to the supergroup members


If you want to get the prize in the supergroup, your number of supergroup vs supergroup

games at the end of the month must be bigger than the number of vs A games.


As usual, you get +1% for every game played after 12 (same as in B-E groups). You have to play at least 12 insei vs insei games, if you would like to receive the prize at the end of the month


Why is it better than before?

  1. All inseis can play with teachers without pressure: there is no reason to avoid such games
  2. A group members can play supergroup members without pressure too
  3. Top players have less games with weaker players and more games with inseis of equal strength – we will not see many 8d vs 2d games with predictable result
  4. It was very hard for most A group members to challenge teachers in 6.5 komi games. They don’t have to pay komi anymore
  5. It’s easier for inseis to win prizes

By the way, we still have some empty spots for September League. You may register here:





2010-08-21 10:08
Others can get better place, if they play more, even if someone has 12-0 score. Few months ago we created "+1% bonus for every game played after 12 rule for this purpose".
Carl Johan
4d ( SE ) 2010-08-20 05:08
One thing which it seems you still have to address is how to encourage users to play a bit more games.

If any player manages to win 11 and lose 1, it is so hard to improve the score that the player may refuse games just for this reason.

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