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Servers | KGS | "Greenpig" became 9d on KGS

2010-09-01 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

"Greenpig" became 9d on KGS

Greenpig is Lee Minho, former Korean insei.
He stayed in Europe for few years and played some tournaments here. His EGD statistic: EGD
According to this source, he lost only 3 games in Europe. Two to Hong Seoulki (seoulki on KGS) and one to Catalin Taranu.

Earlier today greenpig reached 9d on KGS. I remember that he was 9d in the past. Am I right? His account expired and Lee registered it again.

In this game he beat smartrobot, 9d. White had 7 groups on the board! Usually it's too much!


2010-09-01 07:09
If you have greenpig's photo, pls email it, so I can upload it to this article

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