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2011-12-12 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  2 ratings

4th USA-Canada Youth Friendship Match: 1-4

We would like to present you the fourth annual youth friendship match between North American youth players. This event provides the opportunity for youth players from around the continent to get top-level playing experience while making new go playing friends. The tournament is organized as a team match, with players being invited to compete based on their standing in the ratings lists. (


Last year Canadian players won the match 5-2. This year the result was similar: Canada won 4-1 vs USA team. The games were played on KGS, so you can check the rest of the games. 


I decided to show the game between Vincent Zhuang (VISA [-]) and Daniel Gourdeau (WhiteRawr [7d]). Daniel is the only participant who is not of an asian origin. It seems that both USA and Canada rely on the players of asian background and not on their own. Look at USA team for World Mind Games and compare it with European. Apparently Europe chose another way: it invested in their own players. In fact, I cannot recall any high dan player on KGS of American origin. Of course, it's great that USA has so many strong players both professionals and amateurs from China. You can learn a lot from them. But on the other hand, it's a stumbling block for native americans who cannot compete against their asian fellows.


Final result: 

USA 1 - Canada 4


1. Calvin Sun (kbag [8d]) - Ryan Li (icydarts [8d]) W+R

2. Hugh Zhang (sume [6d]) - Gansheng Shi (zdarthmaul [8d]) B+10.5

3. Andrew Lu (applesauce [-]) - Jianing Gan (hkkyeen [-])  W+R

4. Vincent Zhuang (VISA [-]) - Daniel Gourdeau (WhiteRawr [7d]) W+4.5

5. Jimmy Yang (Jimmy3d [-]) - Andrew Huang (DonValley [-]) W+R



1d 2011-12-15 03:12
I'm unhappy about players who studied Go a lot of years in Asia and then came to other countries to compete with local players. They have too obvious advantage.
I would feel the same way if for instance a strong korean amateur or pro would get citizenship and play for Europe in international events.
It's just my point of view and you don't have to agree with it.
( CA ) 2011-12-14 11:12
I don't think the author is racist, but he is indeed very ignorant about the multicultural population of US and Canada.

To author:
Are you unhappy about the fact that these players are asian?Or the fact that these asians learned Go in Asia?If if is the latter, I suggest you doing some research before saying anything, because some of these asians were born in the US/Canada and learned Go there.
3d ( CA ) 2011-12-14 08:12
It seems that both USA and Canada rely on the players of asian background and not on their own.

That's pretty racist.
mudblood, still
5d ( US ) 2011-12-14 07:12
let me rephrase -- if you hold american citizenship, you're an American. Really & truly, that's it. Whether your family's been here for generations or just passed the naturalization exam, you're american, and entitled to be equally proud & ashamed of all that the country is & does. "native born" is usually just racist shorthand for saying "white", and sorry, that doesn't fly.

Compare this to, say, a 3rd generation Parisian student i knew, who was called "algerian, not a real frenchman," by these so-called "real frenchmen", who then pooh-poohed her "impure blood" -- yikes. That was just amazing for us "dumb yanks" to comprehend...such nationalism!
just a mudblood
5d ( US ) 2011-12-14 07:12
noth1ng, there is no such thing as native-born americans. I know, it's not a concept that europeans 'get' naturally, what with your concern about who is a 'true-blooded spaniard' or a 'real pole', but it's true all the same. people might be chinese-american, but they're chinese, *and* american, at the same time.

your terminology betrays your european mindset, really concerned with lineage-identity, rather than cultural (or even just assumed) identity
1d 2011-12-14 12:12
sorry I'm not good at these terms. What I meant was native-born americans.
5d ( US ) 2011-12-13 04:12
No, by native americans he meant white people and not yellow
1d 2011-12-12 11:12
Excuse me but by native americans, you meant this?
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