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2012-04-06 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (0)

List of WAGC representatives (KGS ID)

 The 33rd WAGC will be held at Guangzhou (China) in May this year. There will be 59 competitors from all around the World.


Let's start a list with their names (and online ID if possible):


China: Qiao Zhijian 7d

USA: Yuan Zhou (Jaguar 9d)

Hong Kong: Chi Hin Chan (kghin 8d)

Romania: Cornel Burzo (Cornel 7d)

Israel: Ali Jabarin (OohAah 7d)

Netherlands: Alexander Eerbeek (Bloodshed 7d)

Russia: Igor Popov (Supermove6d on DGS)


Please share more if you know them. Thanks! 


( US ) 2012-04-12 03:04
@DanielTom that's his AGA rank. I was asking about his KGS (or IGS even) rank
( PT ) 2012-04-11 07:04
@boss: Yuan Zhou is AGA 7D.
( US ) 2012-04-11 12:04
I'm just wondering, but on which account is Yuan Zhou 9d? It certainly isn't on Jaguar. He simply claims to be 9d on kgs but I don't see any evidence of his 9d rank. Anyone can claim to be 9d, but until they show an account which is, I will view that claim with a high level of skepticism and question this individual's integrity as a go player. Perhaps he claims to be 9d only to attract potential gullible students
( PT ) 2012-04-08 02:04
Is Thomas going to represent France again this year?
1d ( PH ) 2012-04-08 02:04
Where is Thomas Debarre?
( PT ) 2012-04-07 01:04
@G0ldtree: From May 11 (Fri) to May 18 (Fri) 2012.
3k ( SE ) 2012-04-07 01:04
What date is this years WAGC?
( PL ) 2012-04-06 06:04
Poland: Leszek Soldan (Malysz)
1d ( CH ) 2012-04-06 05:04
Switzerland : F?В©licien Mazille (Fego 4d)
( PT ) 2012-04-06 04:04
I am not sure about these:
UK: Francis Roads 2d
Austria: Lothar Spiegel ("Mekanik" 5d on KGS)
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