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Servers | KGS | 2d beats 4d giving 6 handicap!

2010-06-11 Expert: Teacher Rate: (2.8)  11 ratings

2d beats 4d giving 6 handicap!

Wow Nsix a new 2d who had a solid/not so solid rank played Hahn 4dan on kgs. Hahn 4dan placed 6stones and lost on

time but the game was won by Nsix even though he won on time really sad too Hahn made some excuses in the ending too

:-) hopefully some players can man up to there losses more often or woman up.


Hahn [4d]: a game Hahn [4d]: with many stones handicap Hahn [4d]: which usually are not reasoned Hahn [4d]: cannot ever Hahn [4d]: become a good game


4d ( US ) 2010-06-22 02:06
This fight is still going on? Why not just end it and agree to disagree?
Peter Cook
4d ( US ) 2010-06-21 01:06
Ok 'ftcto', you say "it dont matter how the article is written as long as the game is there "

Well in that case you are happy to have crap articles with (possibly) interesting games. If you present the game properly then it becomes clear to the reader why they would be interested it. I'm not going to look over some game, that might be junk, just because it's posted here. If the article presents the game, makes it sound interesting, entertaining, or instructive - well then there is a better chance that I will look at it. It's just a basic tenant of journalism. What exactly is your problem with advocating that?
1d ( US ) 2010-06-21 04:06
nah i only type how i feel i really dont care about grammer nor do i even care about spelling it dont matter how the article is written as long as the game is there tell me are you from the kgs server? you get to see the game from there people like me from other server i would just like to see the game instead of the article so if you ask me your a horrible person petercook trying to take the writing over the game
4d ( US ) 2010-06-20 10:06
I see fcto talks the same way that Teacher does. :) Well, lets just take the time to answer those points. If you don't like the fact that the article is written like shite, one alternative to not reading it is to suggest that they improve the writing. That's called being constructive. If your really 4dan ... that should you're (you are) - well this article is written for everyone. Immature brats? Pointing out how to write an article properly is not immature, sorry.
1d ( US ) 2010-06-19 09:06
ok first of all if you dont understand it then dont read it second of all if your really 4dan we he dont need to tell you if its a good game or not you can look yourself 3rd of all its just an article dude get over it lol you guys are all acting like immature brats just drop the subject.
Peter Cook
4d ( US ) 2010-06-18 04:06
Well to me, the article sucks for 3 main reasons
[1] There is no use of grammar to speak. This makes it really hard to parse the sentences. As a native speaker I have to read it over to myself a couple of times to work out what has actually been said.
[2] There is no indication of whether or not the game was a pile of junk, or a truly impressive performance.
[3] the comments basically seem to amount to slagging off Black.

I'd prefer a basic commentary on the game, some indication of who the players are, and the authors taking the time to write the article properly. Other contributors here can do this, there is no reason why Teacher can't.
1d 2010-06-18 01:06
I think you guys just need to stop this childish argument bottom line your all wrong and should just move on.
1k ( US ) 2010-06-18 01:06
i dont think there job is to actually show you new variations and whats right in the game its to show other players whats going on across the net if you play kgs you can look over it yourself no need for teacher to do your dirty work i dont see other ppl making comments about games telling ppl what move is right why do you bicker at teacher and not them when there not making comments about there games either?
4d ( US ) 2010-06-18 12:06
Teacher hasn't actually given us any comments about the game though...
6d ( US ) 2010-06-14 12:06
lol Hahn the comment wasnt to be mean to you i was just posting the game and the comment was in it so i added that in with it and it was pretty late for Nsix also i know him it was around 2-3am his time but other then that i still think it was a good game.
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