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2011-04-08 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  3 ratings

'bigbadwolf' is back!

   Andy Liu, who is currently 19 years old (his next birthday is in 27 days, 5 May) is one of the strongest players in the USA. He has been playing on KGS since 2005 (aka 'bigbadwolf') and so he is very famous there.

   After taking a two-month break from KGS, 'bigbadwolf' is now back and at full strength! Today he played Ilya Shikshin ('roln111'), the current European Champion, and secured a decisive win.

   I could not recognize Ilya's style today. His joseki choice in the top left corner (B16) was not good, I think (not to mention that normally Black should skip C15 and play at B14 directly). In contrast, Andy Liu was sharp as usual (see move 106 [O10] for example). When Black finally resigned, he was behind by some 40 points...

   As might be expected, 'bigbadwolf' has a plus score against 'roln111' (7-5), and he is always taking White. Nevertheless, some believe that sooner or later Ilya will turn that score around.

   We look forward to more exciting battles between the two!


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