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2011-04-11 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.7)  3 ratings

How to crush a 7d in less than 50 moves!

    High-dan players can get in trouble easily if they do not know joseki variations well.

   Here is an example: White probably did not expect P17 (usually Black plays at O16 instead, or even O17 - both are josekis) so Black was able to trick him (making a funny use of his username, 'cheater').

   I added the correct way for White to play in the game file (White 20 at N18 would give him a better result).

   I do not actually believe that 'Welvang' is a real 7d, to be honest, but anyway I think that the way Black 'pwned' him was very nice (White resigned at move 41, because his stones were captured).

   There is also a classic tesuji to be learnt in this shape (that was a good way for White to cope with the situation, but he missed it): White P18 instead of M17. Hopefully none of our dear readers will miss that tesuji next time. (-:



2011-04-11 08:04
Funny game. But what is a "real 7D"? We all play bad games from time to time.
2011-04-11 07:04
nice trick!

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