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2011-04-13 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.8)  6 ratings

Trick Plays used by high-dan players on KGS (1)

   I was asked to post more trick plays ('that can actually be used in our games') so I decided to choose a few relatively simple patterns that I saw played on KGS by some high-dan players.

   If you like them, you can try to use them in your games (and trick your opponents). I do not think that using trick plays (or new variations) is a way of cheating; rather, I think that they make Go much more interesting, exciting and fun.

   The trick play used in this game was Black 11 (E4). After that, White 12 (D3) and Black 13 (C2) follow naturally. The shape is odd, so it can be very tricky for kyu players (and probably for some dan players as well!).

   Most players will try to cut Black with F2 - and fall into the trap. That's what happened in the game, and White was forced to resign at move 25.

   White must not play F2 right away - first of all, he has to defend the corner (with B3, or E5) - but most players won't see that.

   This trick play can be very effective even against high-kyu (or even low-dan) players. Have fun with it in your games!


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