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2011-04-17 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Trick Plays used by high-dan players on KGS (3)

   One of the most frequently used tricks among high-dan players (5d+) is the one we are revealing today. It is not a new move, so to me it is quite surprising to see that it still tricks dan players, and even 7-dans are crushed in less than 30 moves with it (see the examples in the game file).

   This time we are giving you all the details about this trick play (everything is explained in the sgf), so that at least the next time you see it played you will be able to say 'I know that trick!'. Of course you can also try to use it in your games, if your opponent did not read this article... (-:

   Even if you do not plan to study it, it is still funny to see high-dan players being crushed in so few moves.

   Black D15 is the trick play. In the game file you can see three more examples of it being played by other high-dans. E16, instead of D15, is the joseki (I added the variations in the sgf).

   Usually White answers at D19, but that is a big mistake - White has been tricked. I have seen this trick being played many times and no one is ever able to punish it...

   The correct answer to the trick play is F17 (see the variations) but, as I said, most players won't notice it. So this trick is a really effective way of ending the game very quickly!

   Have fun with it!


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