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Servers | KGS | bonobot beat his first 5d human on 19-19 (even game)

2011-04-23 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  7 ratings

bonobot beat his first 5d human on 19-19 (even game)

Computers are improving quickly! On 9-9 board the game is already hard even for top pros. I thought that on 19-19 board it is still possible to beat computers on 6-7 stones handicap. But now I see that I am wrong. You can check recent games of bonobot (Crazy Stone). It recently reached 6d level on KGS (currently 5d) and beat his first 5d in even game.  As you can see from games list, bonobot has good results with 3d players, beat some 4d players and even one 5d.
Now I feel that the right handicap between top professionals and top computers is about 4-5 stones

Some information about bonobot (Crazy Stone):
Crazy Stone is a program by Remi Coulom which uses Monte Carlo Tree Search and pattern learning. Crazy Stone came second in the 2007 Computer Olympiad behind MoGo. 
In July 2007, a  match was played on KGS between Crazy Stone and KCC Igo, which Crazy Stone won 15-4. KCC Igo is considered the strongest commercial Go program.
On 2007-12-02, Crazy Stone won both of the KGS tournaments and the UEC Cup in Japan, ahead of MoGo in all three events. In 2008, Crazy Stone defended its UEC Cup title, defeating Many Faces of Go. Afterwards, it defeated Kaori Aoba, Japanese 4p, in a 7-stone handicap exhibition game. This gives Crazy Stone a claim to being the strongest program in the world.


1d ( KH ) 2011-07-16 08:07
2k ( RU ) 2011-04-29 03:04
Besides CrazyStone, you are the author of BayesElo, a very useful tool for all computer chess enthusiasts and engine authors (including me). What do you think about the great unification of rating systems around the world? Currently we just have a lot of national systems plus a lot of server systems, with non-obvious conversion rules. Could you write something like BayesElo for Go, taking proper handicap principle into account?
2k ( RU ) 2011-04-29 03:04
Do you have any plans for participation in on-the-board tournaments against amateurs (like Deep Thought and other strong chess programs did in the end of 1980s)? Maybe, at EGK - not in exhibition games, but in the main event?
3k 2011-04-25 05:04
Is it possible for Crazy Stone to create novel fuseki, or is its learning dependent upon the patterns played by its opponents?
( RU ) 2011-04-25 12:04
Am I right, that CrazyStone is a self-learning program? If yes, can it reach 6-7 dan level only by playing a few thousand games?
2011-04-24 04:04
What rank will bonobot be if play at 1. normal time control 2. slow game against human?
Robert M Gogo
2011-04-24 06:04
Could he play with it on DGS so that we can test it with longer time limits?
2011-04-23 08:04
Remi Coulom, creator of bonobot agreed to answer questions from our readers. You can post them here
2011-04-23 05:04
Pay attention to moves
They were played on pro level! No mistakes at all. Nice shapes, good sacrifising. Who said that computers cannot understand ko fights?
Blacks lead after B71 is quite big

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