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2011-04-27 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  6 ratings

'jove' 9-dan crushes the competition!

   In his last few games, 'jove' has beaten KGS superstars such as 'zchen', 'kghin' and, most recently, 'AncientGo' 8d (in less than 100 moves!). The game that you can see here was played two days ago by 'jove' (White) against 'Hutoshi4' 8-dan. Black was crushed and resigned at move 62! It is clear that Black overplayed in the right side, but it is hard to find a proper answer to White 30 (nice move!). White punished Black well and ended up capturing his group.

   It is interesting to note that because of his recent six-game winning streak, 'jove' has now surpassed 'MilanMilan' (who has just won the Paris Pandanet tournament) and 'smartrobot' in the 'Top 100 KGS Players', so he is currently no. 2 on KGS (lsai is in first place, although he has only played a few ranked games).

   These are the words written in jove's profile:

   old account is TP

   'tp' was a famous 9-dan player on KGS some 5-6 years ago. Some have suggested that 'tp' is an acronym for 'Top Pro', although I do not think that is very likely to be true.

   As you may remember, in the last gosensations article that covered 'jove' someone commented that:

   Jove is Li Ang 3p.

   You can see that from the email adress lyonweiqi is using (watch his profile on KGS)


   I confirmed that Lyonweiqi did have that email in his info, but (a curious fact) some days later he removed it from his Personal Page! (At least this shows that he also reads gosensations...)

   There is something else that you may find interesting: in the KGS Archives I discovered that 'tp' [9d?] also played a few games in 2008 - and one of his opponents in a free game was 'liyue' (Li Ang's sister)! It is well-known that 'Lyonweiqi' often plays 'liyue' in free games...

   So is 'jove' Li Ang? I believe that he is (some even add that the way they play - handicap style - is similar), but of course you should make up your own mind...

   So what do you think? Is 'jove' Li Ang 3p?


( US ) 2011-05-03 05:05
Hi jove is not tp sorry but hes not i know tp personally thanks bye.
2011-04-28 08:04
Black 41 - the losing move!

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