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2011-05-24 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.5)  2 ratings

TIG2011: 'aguilar1' takes first place!

This year's 'Torneo Iberoamericano de Go en Internet' had over 150 participants. As expected, 'aguilar1' (Fernando Aguilar) ended up winning the tournament without losing a single game! You can check the final results at http://foro.shudan.org/index.php?topic=638.0.

I did not participate in this tourney, but there were a few Portuguese players who did, as usual. Pedro Carmona was the best qualified Portuguese (he took 15th place) - it seems that his trip to study Go in Korea paid off!

I decided to upload the deciding game from the last round - Fernando Aguilar vs. Eduardo Herrero (aka 'elh'). Many say that they are getting old (I think they both have the same age), but they always dominate the TIG... (-:

It was a bad day for Eduardo - 'aguilar1' crushed him so easily!... In the game file you can see the players' review after the game (variations+commentary, but in Spanish). They did not comment on the opening, so I added a few notes in the game file (in English, of course). It is clear that 'elh' missed White 50 (Q18) - they agreed that Black should have defended at P17 with Black 43. The rest of the game was a bit depressing for Black, just keep in mind that he was under time pressure. Anyway, it was a decisive win by 'aguilar1'!

(The prize for 1st place was given by Alexander: a full 'Korean-style Insei League' membership for one month.)

Congratulations to the winner, Fernando Aguilar!


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