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2009-02-01 Expert: admin Rate: (3.6)  20 ratings

Captain always wins HACKED by LulzQaida

TheCaptain, an amateur player from Vancouver, has been declared by KGS as "the best". It has been well known among KGS users for some time that Captain always wins, however, only now has this been officially recognised. In today's game TheCaptain vs. Chuck Norris, Mr. Norris resigned at move 3, stating "there's no way I can win, TheCaptain is too strong."


2012-08-24 05:08
On the other hand, Chuck Norris is terrible at Go; he doesn't take prisoners.
4d ( US ) 2009-02-11 02:02
Actully the captain isnt a strong player.
he has an impressive style,and he can turn things around which is fun to watch.

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