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Servers | KGS | 'willzhang' is back and he beat 'Korondo'!

2011-06-21 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

'willzhang' is back and he beat 'Korondo'!

'willzhang' (Chinese 6-dan) has finally returned to KGS. He used to be one of the top players on the server some five years ago.

It seems that taking such a long break had a negative effect on his Go, since he lost to a KGS 4d (I watched that game live and was not convinced that he was the real 'willzhang', but it turns out that I was wrong). Anyway, that sort of things can happen in online games, and probably he was just a bit rusty...

After that match, he talked with 'Korondo' in private and they accepted to play an even game. Big surprise: 'willzhang' won! His play was quite nice throughout the game, and in the end he used the aji in the top side really well and managed to live there, so 'Korondo' ended up resigning at move 167.

PS: As some may remember, 'willzhang' used to give free audio lessons on KGS, but it seems that he is not planning to teach again, at least for now (he said today that he only wants to 'play and have fun').


3d 2011-06-21 02:06
Does anyone have those audio lessons by willzhang recorded? Is there a chance to download them somewhere?

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