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2011-06-24 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.2)  5 ratings

'willzhang' - Back in Town

We already introduced 'willzhang' in a previous article. As he said today:


willzhang [9d]: if you dont know me, it means you are not old enough here :)


Here is the game that earned 'willzhang' a promotion to 9d. It seems that 'kghin' lost this game in the fuseki; William reviewed the game afterwards, so I added the variations and his comments in the game file (without the other kibitz). Enjoy!


Yesterday I asked 'willzhang' if we could play a game, and he kindly accepted. Of course I knew I wouldn't have any chance to win, so I chose to play even, so that he could crush me faster :-). I think the opening was better for me, but then he played a very aggressive cut and we had to fight, so I lost control of the game... It seems that he was a bit surprised when I resigned (he said: "still a long way to go"), but I know there was no way for me to win anyway. Here is the link to our game:


There were some funny comments made during the review of his game with 'kghin':


willzhang [9d]: I am an"old " man now

willzhang [9d]: boss is here ,need to run at any minute

willzhang [9d]: and not only boss, there is a girlfriend too :)

willzhang [9d]: haha

ale33: what country are you from?

XY0908 [-]: Cool ;-)

willzhang [9d]: beijing,china

ale33: you speak english so well

tchan001 [5k]: wow, you get to play with gu li?

willzhang [9d]: not now,we used to play when we were kids

XY0908 [-]: So, I guess now you have TWO bosses.

willzhang [9d]: you dont say


As you can see, 'willzhang' is very friendly. In his Personal Page he writes that he only has "75% strength restored", but he is already in the Top 10 KGS Players... It is very exciting to have him back on the server!


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