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Servers | KGS | DaoCe 9d vs. maynerd 9d (almost 700 observers!)

2011-08-20 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.7)  3 ratings

DaoCe 9d vs. maynerd 9d (almost 700 observers!)

Many new 8-dans have recently appeared on KGS to the delight of the Go community there, but of course that what people really want to see is a battle between two 9-dans.

Today that wish was granted. Until this day, DaoCe's strongest opponents had all been 8-dan; that changed now that he finally took the challenge of another 9-dan player: 'maynerd'.

(If you want to know what a maynerd is, you can check

The game was very exciting: it started with a complicated joseki (that involves a ladder), which was followed by two big ko fights in the corners. The result was that while Black got the corners, White gained a lot of influence over the center.

'DaoCe' made use of that influence in the subsequent fights and eventually came out ahead. It was one of those complicated games where the kibitzers (us) only know who is leading when the game is over... 'maynerd' resigned at move 272 (he was behind by 10 points).

So this game was DaoCe's first victory against a 9-dan. It reached 700 observers. Astounding!


1D ( RO ) 2011-08-20 04:08
This was an amazing game, indeed.
Im happy that i had the chance to watch it live.
One of the fewest games ive seen where it doesnt matter if you type something in the chatbox. Because some other 20 or 30 people type in the same time and you dont get to have a conversation:)
Also... this game gave me the same feeling as the recent game between Gu Li and Iyama Yuuta in the Fujitsu Cup. A masterpiece of Ko and fights. anyway... you can check it out here
2011-08-20 02:08
Exciting game! Thx for showing!

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