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Servers | KGS | Sai on KGS? Undefeated 'imsai' 9d!


2011-09-04 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.8)  4 ratings

Sai on KGS? Undefeated 'imsai' 9d!

There is a new 9-dan on KGS: 'imsai' (who registered just today, Sep 4).

There were some high-dan players who said that imsai plays at pro-level. Many have suggested that imsai might be lsai 9d; however, 'sai' is a common nickname on Go Servers, so of course it could be just a coincidence.

It is highly likely that imsai is a Chinese teenager. He is using the Chinese client, and you can tell by his (changed) email that he likes Justin Bieber (the popstar singer), who also happens to be very popular among teens (not just girls) in China.

In any case, he reached KGS 9-dan rather quickly (after just five games!) by beating a couple of 7-dans (including twoeye) and kghin 8d (you can see their last game here). Imsai is still undefeated.

We will definitely be keeping an eye on him!


2011-09-18 02:09
Yes, Sai's definitely making fun of him, rather than being a fan of his.
6d ( US ) 2011-09-04 08:09
In the u.s saying "beebar" or "beever" is a way of making fun of his name XD

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