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Servers | KGS | "qsefthuko" on KGS. I don't know him, but his style ... I know only one master, who plays like this

2009-02-04 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.7)  5 ratings

"qsefthuko" on KGS. I don't know him, but his style ... I know only one master, who plays like this

1. Wang Yang 5p (Black) vs. Zhang Xuebin 6p (White)

2."qsefthuko" vs "HFL". You can see it here, with the commentary I made for V.I.P. section on Go4Go

Please compare these 2 games. I think, they were played by one person.
"qsefthuko" on KGS is clearly a professional and there are not many pros in the world, who have such styles.
Maybe I am wrong ...

I got this letter few minutes ago from one of our readers:

Hello Alexander,
First of all, I'd like to congrats you about this new web site, gosensation, which is a very good idea.
Because you started to talk about strong players on KGS, there is one who is not
that famous but very strong.

He is a chinese amateur player and he was of course 9D on KGS but he is also 9D on tygem
Unfortunately I don't know his tygem ID, because usually he uses some of his friends.
We could see him playing during the afternoon in china time zone because he played at the office.
He created 2 accounts on KGS : mnbvcxz and qsefthuko
(see the funny part of the nickname, one is the last line of qwerty keyboard, and
the second is like "zig zag")

I have chat with him a little and sometimes he used to play 2 games at the same time on tygem and KGS.
One of them was against pianist on KGS at 2 stones... and he both won the games.
If it's possible, I'd like to have your opinion and maybe YoungGil too about this strong player (close to pro strength ?)
Thank you, and good continuation !


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