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2011-09-23 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

'breakfast' 3p vs. 'cheater' 7d (Over 500 Observers!)

cheater 7d is Pavol Lisy (the Slovak Champion 2010, and the European Youth Champion under 20). He is still very young (only sixteen, I think) so he surely has a bright Go future ahead!

He is famous on KGS for always playing very fast (he even said that he doesn't want to become a professional player because they are "too slow") but recently we can see him playing slower games.

Today he played breakfast in a student vs. teacher Simul game (Alexander played with four students of the Korean-style League at the same time), a game that was watched by over 500 viewers.

White's opening was a success. In the review after the game, breakfast said that his invasion in the game (W78) was too deep (it was enough for White to just reduce the side). The fight that followed was exciting: somehow White managed to save his group and even, later on, to surpass Black in the endgame.

The teacher, breakfast, ended up winning all the Simul games. cheater will want his revenge, though. :)


2011-09-23 05:09
Always hard to beat KGS 6d+ players in simultaneous - better to play them one by one, as we did before with our top insei flashback (Jan Simara) or Ali Jabarin. I will play such games soon with cheater, aguilar or other top inseis

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