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Servers | KGS | roln111 8d vs. twoeye 7d - another exciting game!



2011-10-02 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.4)  5 ratings

roln111 8d vs. twoeye 7d - another exciting game!

twoeye 7d (Chinese amateur) has been playing on KGS for over seven years now, and he has many faithful fans.

roln111 8d (Ilya Shikshin, from Russia) started playing on KGS when he was only twelve years old (in 2002)! He is currently the European Go Champion, and one of the strongest players on the server.


Please pay attention to B17-B19. It's a powerful trick! It is a twoeye invention, and he plays it in almost every game against roln111! Of course now Ilya is well prepared :)

After the ko fight in the upper right, White became very thick (exactly what Ilya wants to start his powerful attacks!). After B135, the exciting part begun! White's invasion was so successful that he even killed Black's dragon! By the end of the game, White was leading by about 20 points.


This game should be Ilya's seventh win in a row, but he lost by time in the end. Bad luck happens to everyone!


2011-10-04 02:10
We have this pattern explained in my Go book "New moves"
We discussed the game played by exactly same opponents: roln111 and twoeye.
White 24 is very bad. White gor bad result here after losing (sacrifising) his group
-- ( US ) 2011-10-04 06:10
Is it a trick play? I always thought it was just a very old fighting focused joseki.
( PT ) 2011-10-03 10:10
B17 = Black's 17th move.
B19 = Black's 19th move.
3k ( RU ) 2011-10-03 09:10
I don't see B17-B19..

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