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Servers | KGS | 'hearts' 9-dan suffers first loss on KGS!


2012-01-19 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.4)  5 ratings

'hearts' 9-dan suffers first loss on KGS!

hearts, (professional?) from China, became notorious for beating both smartrobot 9-dan and bigbadwolf 9-dan twice in a row, in 2009.

He returned to KGS last month, and remained invincible even after facing twoeye 7-dan (who lost to him twice, with handicap), kghin 8-dan (who played him, and lost, three times) and supertjc 8-dan (Tan Jia Cheng).

One week ago hearts also played against inerie 9-dan, and eventually won (after separating his opponent's groups and killing a dragon). It was an exciting game!

However, his impressive winning streak was bound to come to an end... ISS (from South Korea, now 8-dan on KGS) took 2 handicap stones from hearts and surprisingly managed to defeat him!

It seems that 2 stones were too much even for hearts...

It was his first loss ever on KGS!


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