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2012-02-12 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (3)  2 ratings

KGS rankings get tougher?

Many high-level players on KGS have seen their rankings drop in the past few days.

For example, OohAah and artem92, who used to be 8-dan, were both demoted to 7-dan.

Surprisingly, even the illustrious "cat", twoeye 7d, has been demoted to 6d! bloodarena has also seen his rank drop (to 6-dan). Cornel succumbed as well and became 6d for a while. Do you remember seeing the same Cornel as KGS 9-dan in 2005-2006? Back then, even Galileo or aguilar1 (now 6d) were KGS 9-dan... Today it is much tougher to get such a high rank!

The main problem now is that when new strong players come to KGS they can't find worthy opponents to play with because there are almost no active 8-9 dan players online...

Maybe the KGS rating system will have to change (making it like Tygem, for example, where it is much easier to become 9d). It has been suggested that something like "if you win n games, your rank goes up" could be introduced, or "if you have x% winning rate (or higher) you move up one rank".

What do you think about this problem?


2k ( SE ) 2012-02-13 10:02
To begin with, I don't really see the problem with the '?'-rank. The only problem is whiners who refuse to play them for some reason. If anything should be abandoned it is the '~'-prefix to ranks.

Secondly, any ranking system is local. Even worse - all ranking systems have localities within them. E.g. EGF GoR really differs between different countries since players rarely play outside of their own country. So all ranking systems have their own problems - especially if they cover many communities. KGS, for instance, seem to have some differences depending on what time of day you play (i might be wrong on this - but this is how it looks to me).

Thirdly, I actually like the KGS ranks somewhat. Sure there are idosyncrasies but it at least almost hits the mark. At least compared to the EGF GoR or the European ranks.

Lastly, If someone cares so much about the KGS ranks I'd say they should try to dig a bit deeper and create som statistics to show what is going on instead of drawing irradic conclusions from looking at a small subset of players. That might actually be helpful and bordering on making a point rather than wasteing everyones time.
4k ( PL ) 2012-02-13 02:02
I agree, KGS '?' mark should be abandoned. And I still hope there will be some server in the future with rating calculated in the same way as EGF, with people registered with their real EGF rankings and points.
Lacus Clyne
5d ( CA ) 2012-02-13 03:02
I agree to change kgs' rating system. I don't mind having strict/strong ratings, as they can give us not only a sense of pride about our rating, but a greater scope for strength out of ratings on KGS. Tygem and such have the problem where even people like me can get to 7d easily and to 8d if they do well. Last time I tried, I had to win one more game to be 8d, but then I lose. I am not strong at all. At best on KGS, I am a *weak 5d, as I have been on other accounts. More often, I am just an elite 4d or something. On Tygem, everyone is clumped up at 9d, and a bit at 8d. There is a huge difference in strength between some people at 9d. Compared to KGS, all of Tygem's Dan levels are shifted over immodestly. Tygem's rating system is better though, more people like it. On KGS, people find themselves needing a new account after 40 or 50 games, as it becomes way too hard to move up a rank even if they have already transcended said strength level. The only qualm I have with Tygem is it takes a lot of games, and many in a row sometimes, to level up. When I made a new account it let me start as 5d, but I still found it annoying having to obliterate at least 20 or 30 people before I could be 7d, especially because I would often lose here and there and remain 6d sometimes. But Tygem has many pros over KGS in this way. For example, on Tygem you can get a game way way faster at any level, and you don't have to go through the [?] period wherein you are avoided like the plague. Tygem also has some kind of system of rewarding winning streaks. <3

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