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2012-02-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.3)  7 ratings

The Insei League on KGS - new concept and rule changes

The major difference between the KGS and Korean insei league used to be the age of players - we worked generally with adults and the Korean schools focus on children under 18. This result primarily occurred due to a large fee and the absence of discounts for children.

Nowadays, when the American Go Association and the European Go Federation proclaimed their first steps towards creating their professional systems in Go, the development of youth Go becomes particularly vital.

Go ceases to be just a hobby, we call for young players who are ready to devote themselves to the game and to compete later with Asian professionals.

Since 2012 we have changed our pricing policy leading to extreme simplicity of entering and participation in the League for any promising children. 

The first three prizewinners of the European and the US Youth Go Championships under 12 and 18 (totally 12 people) get the free places at the Insei League.

Go Champions under 12 and 18 of any country get 3 month at the League instead of 1 for $95.

The young players who took 2-5 places during the last youth Go championship of their country can play for 2 months instead of 1 for $95 (is equal to 50% discount).

The rest of young Go players under 18 (stronger than 10 kyu) get the 15% discount.

There are still a lot of adult players in the League so to avoid misunderstanding between players of different ages we ask to put the real photo of every player in his KGS profile (not a mandatory requirement)

We set up a special jackpot that will be monthly increased by $250. What can you do to get it?

-        Be a current member of the Insei League

-        Take 1-3 places at the World Youth Go Championship under 12 and 18 or 1-3 places at the World Amateur Go Championship or 1-3 places at the Korean Prime Minister Cup.

Every year the League will store about $3000 and we hope that this jackpot helps to develop a more serious approach to Go studies.

In December 2011 during the last session of the Insei League we noticed the lack of people who are ready to review their games with the teachers. In order to increase the amount of people who wish to get their games reviewed we decline all offline reviews that have lost any notable popularity. It is still profitable to play as much as possible to get the maximum amount of game reviews, but all the games can be commented only on KGS in real time.

As in December 2011 Alexandre Dinerchtein will conduct 50% of all simultaneous games. The rest of the simuls will be conducted under KGS nickname ???sabom???. Some simuls will be held by roln111, solaris, aguilar, Wichmaster, Karnesun, HappyLook and other 5-8 dan players.

Like in December the prize money will be available only for top-group players.

The major innovation of the League:

Every day we will spend several hours watching the Korean Baduk TV with live translation provided by Alexandre Dinerchtein. Part of the programs will be translated into English, part  - into Russian.

The live action on the screen will be transmitted to KGS. During commercial breaks on TV Alexandre will answer your questions.

Any people who wish to watch lectures and Baduk TV broadcasts without playing in the League can get the room access for $25.

 Email me at, if you are interested in joining us in March, 2012


1d 2012-02-29 07:02
Go facepalm!
2012-02-22 05:02
With many young players it will be easier to find partners. Also, it's good to see how they improve and try to follow their improvement
1d 2012-02-22 03:02
Honestly I'm a bit dissapointed with the changes. All these changes apply only for players between 12 to 18 years old which I believe was a minority in the League.

Besides as I understand from the post there will be only 1 teacher in the League not 2 as it used to be. So now maximum simul games one can get per month is 8. In the last months there were 2 teachers (8 simul games) + freindly games with 5d-8d players. For those who prefer simul games this change is for the worse.

I still don't see that now young players will join the league, maybe I'm wrong. I was hoping that the changes will apply to entry fee (reducing it) and to increase amount of active players. But I don't see it happening. Last time the difference in strength in groups was huge. In C group there were mostly kyu players, and in B group up to 5d players, so it was hard even for 1d to stay in B group. And if he gets demoted to C group he doesn't have motivation to play there. Besides there was no regulation considering amount of games to play. Players that played 3-4 games were advanced to better groups or stayed in the same.

I like the idea about the Baduk TV but still I'm certain that's not enough to improve current situation in league.

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