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2012-06-15 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

"gowithwi" 9d Finally Beats "hjekshdf" 9d!

The very first game Li Dongfang (gowithwi) lost on KGS was against Zhiyuan (Andy) Liu, who is back in town and active again as bigbadwolf 9d and hjekshdf 9d.

In their first encounter, bigbadwolf managed to win the game by resignation (at move 213). After that match, Dongfang said that he "did not play well", but was eager to play with Andy again.

The two played again two weeks later, and surprisingly Andy Liu was still victorious in the end. Just as the game finished, I talked with both players and hjekshdf immediately said gowithwi plays "too fast" and that was why he made some mistakes. gowithwi agreed and said that "to be honest" he thinks Andy is "easy to beat"(!) and that was why he played so fast! Actually, that seems to be a recurring problem for Dongfang...

gowithwi finally managed to beat hjekshdf in their next game (which you can see here). Nonetheless, that win was not decisive enough to make it clear who is the stronger player. In fact, they played one more game in that same day and hjekshdf won again!

Andy Liu will be a tough opponent for Dongfang to conquer!


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tiffsguica ( LS ) 2013-08-07 10:08
( PT ) 2012-06-16 06:06
@horseplay: Thanks for your message. In the future I will try highlight the most important moves of the games posted here.
As for this game in particular, I thought it was pretty exciting to watch (especially the ko in middle-game) but I am not strong enough to comment on it.
It seems that gowithwi's yose was better (Black got S1, and M18 at the top was not so good for White), but in the end the game was still really close. hjekshdf resigned but he was only behind by 1-2 points or so.
1k ( CA ) 2012-06-16 05:06
Thanks for reporting, Daniel. Great choice of game and great dating. You actually keep track of the dates that these people play.

I would indeed enjoy your thoughts on the game. The active, heavy fighting would definitely confuse most kyus. I don't mean the mistakes, but I think most people would like to hear the reasoning behind the tesujis played in this game.
( PT ) 2012-06-15 11:06
And in other news... gowithwi beat Korondo 9d just minutes ago in an impressive game!

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