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Servers | KGS | The longest ko fight in Go history!

2009-03-05 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.2)  5 ratings

The longest ko fight in Go history!

I never saw such a long ko fight before!

"ppro007", the former Korean insei, proved that he must be higher than 7-dan on KGS by beating
"bigbadwolf", 9-dan twice in 0.5 komi game.
I am pretty sure, that "ppro007" is able to get a 9-dan, but when ...
He plays too many games on KGS, including games with 5-6 dans, and in such cases the rank changes slower
than usual.
It's much easier to create a new account and receive 9-dan just after winning few games.


6k ( US ) 2009-03-12 10:03
Wow! That was a big ko
ppro is really something
2009-03-06 08:03
Thats really long!
2009-03-05 08:03
Wow! Really impressive game! =)

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